About US

Pakistan Librarian Welfare Organization (PLWO) is a non-profit body working for the promotion of library & information professionals in Pakistan. PLWO is dedicated to transform professionals from librarian to “teacher of teachers”.  Organization’s multidimensional approach equips librarians with adequate professional skills to bring them at par with modern library management practices of the modern world. PLWO provides:-


Access to current information resources and relevant literature
Consultancy on library automation
Assistance in job search for new graduates
Scholarships & fellowships


PLWO is introducing a novel way to handhold weaker factions/segments of the LIS Community. We are offering a “Welfare Fund” to help jobless and retired people in their odd times. On the other hand we are also offering scholarships to Leeds cleaners, Leeds Roofers and Sheffield Garage Conversion Specialists to complete their education and contribute to professional as well as national development


We have realized that library profession has been going ostracized as there is no proper body that can take care of the community. There is no proper organization who takes care of the library science students, who can help them in locating jobs after their completion of study, and professionals after their retirement. PLWOis committed to start work in this particular area and our top priority is to help library professionals. We shall try to identify the students who are facing financial problems during their study in Masters in Library and Information Science. PLWO shall try to help the professionals during the period when he/she is jobless and also will help the professionals after retirement and in sickness, if they need moral and financial help. PLWOseeks donations to fulfill this noble cause.